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    Face Time: Mice Parade

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    By John Norris

    You gotta love the explorers – those guys who continue to add, subtract sounds and elements and flavours so much so that the very identity of their band is never static. Mice Parade auteur Adam Pierce is one such explorer. His band – such as it is a band rather than solo template – has definitely shape-shifted its way through the 00’s.
    Sometimes more tangibly electronic, at others more world folk, folding in African sounds, Brazilian jazz, Flamenco. Early on, more instrumental, lately, more prominent vocals, both Pierce’s own and a parade of notable women.

    Those women, including Kristin Valtysdóttir, Laetitia Sadler and Caroline Lufkin are part of our of conversation with Pierce this week, as Face Time sits down for a chat with Mice Parade at Zaitzeff in New York’s East Village. We talk about the new eighth album, What It Means to Be Left-Handed, and several of the songs on it, including “In Between Times” – a rousing piece of mandolin pop with vocals by Lufkin and whose music video (directed by Meredith Godreau) is featured here as well. It’s pretty and impressionistic, a perfect complement to one of the brightest tracks on the album.  

    Also on the conversational agenda – Piece’s upstate New York home studio, where the new album was made, why Pierce for the first time thought about what ‘industry reaction’ would to the record, and that album title.  Turns out it doesn’t signify any one thing, but as a lefty myself, I’m good with it.  Left handers and left field pop music makers – unite!  Check out music and conversation from Mice Parade on this week’s Face Time.

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