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    Face Time: Sisters


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    By John Norris

    Aaron and Matt. Matt and Aaron. They are the men of Sisters. One flails away on his kit, the other wails and warbles through enough loops and double amps to create quite the racket. Only – and make no mistake – it's an utterly tuneful, melody-rooted  racket. Matter of fact these guys will tell you they don’t consider themselves lo-fi, or even particularly a noise band at all, despite repeated press comparisons to the likes of Lightning Bolt and Sonic Youth.

    At the end of the day, Sisters say they’re making pop music, the kind of raucous three minute blasts of pop you’ll find in great quantity on their recently released debut album Ghost Fits. This week’s Face Time on Noisevox caught up with the guys in just the right place – their home turf of Brooklyn’s indie music venue Death by Audio. Matt lives there, runs the guitar pedal factory-turned-performance-space, and Aaron spends a lot of time there, so they’ve got a particular take on the log jammed world of Brooklyn music. Is a community? A shark tank? Or some of both?

    And of course we talk beginnings – which in this case happened four years ago at New York’s New School - and some of the standout songs on Ghost Fits, including the bounceable lead single, “Highway Scratch”. You’ll even get to see that song’s warehouse-set new video. In short, you’ll come away from this week’s Face Time with little doubt why there are a ton of people in Brooklyn right now proud to call themselves friends – and fans of Sisters.

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